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Elive Pro is a full-service broadcasting entity, Elive team has been delivering live-streaming solutions for multiple occaions like marriages, birthday parties, family functions, festivals, funerals, government official events, and corporate events for over 15 years. We are helping our client to facilitate live events deliver worldwide.

Our vision has always been clear is to empower our clients to produce and distribute their near content and reach to the targeted audience despite physical barriers.

Our Services
Stream to a worldwide audience

Live Streaming Services

We  live stream video across any platform, including YouTube, Facebook, over Internet and fully managed platform from which to deliver next-level virtual events

Wedding Events

We webcast your wedding enabling everyone to “attend” your special day. With live wedding streaming, your guests watch your wedding ceremony and reception video LIVE via the Internet.

Birthday parties

We webcast your birthday party enabling everyone to view your special day. With live birthday streaming, your guests can watch your birthday party live from anywhere

Corporate Events

We webcast your corporate events like meetings, seminars, product revealing functions to your corporate clients and customers


We  live to stream the entire sports event to the audience all over the world that creates a sporty environment around the sport lovers

Funeral Streaming

There are occasions when distance, health or other circumstances can stop some family and friends from attending a funeral to say goodbye and pay their respects. Our Funeral Streaming & Webcasting service can provide a great alternative and help bridge the gap

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